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London escorts are uniting against bad born, and so are many other escorts as well. It is not that London escorts are posher than any other escorts. It has to do with the fact that a lot of escorts are being tired of being compared to sex slaves. London escorts are certainly not sex slaves, and neither are London escorts of

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However, London escorts have started a campaign against bad porn and it is a really good idea. You may wonder what bad porn is, and what has prompted London escorts to react in this way. Well, if you are working on the fringes of the porn industry, you often become aware of the many goings on within the industry. It seems that London escorts of have taken exception to many of these things


Child Prostitution


Child prostitution has always been a problem all over the world, but now it has arrived on British shores. London escorts have discovered that some of these human smuggling gangs are working on their patch, and they do not want to end up with a bad reputation.


Many youngsters are brought to the UK to work as what can only be described as sex slaves. They are badly treated by men who have sex with them, and may even be given drugs by the people who control them.


They are often asked to have unsafe sex, and not use any protection. This is not right, and people should not be treated this way.


Bad Porn Movies


There also a lot of bad movies out there. Some unprofessional porn movies are over violent, and may even contain some really dangerous sex scenes. Many of them clearly feature children, and to most people this is totally unacceptable. Sex with children is illegal in this country but still this type of material is broadcast via the internet or distributed through illegal channels.


The criminals who make these videos are not very often caught, and punished for their crimes. A lot of the videos are imported from countries such as Thailand and other Far East destinations. It is a terrible business and the international community really need to get together on this one.


Adult Sex Slaves


You may find this hard to believe but there are adult sex slaves in Britain today. Once again they have been brought in by human trafficking gangs, and are forced to work as sex slaves. Their lives are horrible and many of them end up being very sick indeed.


As they are not legally in the UK, they have nowhere to turn and are often threatened by their pimps. Some of them are even beaten up on a regular basis. Last year, London escorts took a stand against human sex slaves and requested that something was done about it.

It is a very difficult situation as many of the human sex slaves speak very little English, and may not even be able to contact the authorities.


Should we clean up the porn industry? Of course, we should. There is nothing wrong with porn but some people within the industry have the wrong attitude. That’s the problem with porn!

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