Disgusted By Masturbation

One of my friends at escorts Heathrow, says that here boyfriend jerks off. I told her that most guys have a wank from time to time, and the truth is, that a lot of women probably masturbate as well. I am sure that lots of the girls at escorts Heathrow have boyfriends that do this. It may seem disgusting but such is life. Okay, if he is jerking off in front of her, it isn’t nice but the fact is that he might do it behind her back. If she doesn’t see it, what is the big deal. It sounds like their sex life is okay.

The thing is, so many people are solo players these days. A lot of the chaps that I date at escorts Heathrow are into solo play. Life is just so different and solo play is becoming more and more popular. I have to say that I think that we are spending a lot of time apart, and this is why solo play is so popular. Lots of people work hard, and may not be able to see their girlfriend or boyfriend everyday, this is part of the reason they solo play. It is just a fact of life, and we girls here at Heathrow escorts do date a lot of solo players.

Not only that, but it is easier to buy sex toys. I know that lots of Heathrow escorts who buy sex toys online, and so do other people as well. There is nothing wrong with that, and sometimes, when I feel a bit frustrated, I do have some fun on my won with my collection of vibrators. I really think that I am not the only one of the many escorts Heathrow who do this. We should try to get less hung up about solo play, and sex toys. There is no need to be so hot under the collar about it.

I am a bit surprised at my friend really as I would have thought that most escorts Heathrow are open minded about this sort of thing. If, my friend has a real problem with it, she should speak to her boyfriend about it. A lot of guys just need to jerk off every so often to let go of a bit of frustration, and that is just how men tick. I have spoken to lots of guys at escorts Heathrow, who feel guilty about self satisfaction, but I keep telling them that they don’t need to be. Sexual desire is totally natural, and so is frustration.

It could be the problem is in my friend’s head instead, and I am sure that she can sort it out herself. I would loves to say that no women and no men were into self satisfaction, but we all are. It is just that sometimes society has this ability to make us feel guilty about certain of our sexual habits. Solo play is certainly one of them, and I think that we just need to put it right in our own heads.

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