Managing Life in a Small Flat

We are beginning to live in smaller and smaller spaces. London is now seriously overcrowded and property developers are building smaller properties. When I bought a flat recently, I could not find a very big place. Everything that was new around here in Hammersmith was really small. I don’t mind really but I must admit that my new flat which I managed to buy for cash with my Hammersmith escorts earnings, is rather small. I have bought some furniture but I am trying to keep it pretty basic.

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It would be all too easy to overstuff the apartment. I know that minimalism is all in and I am trying to stick to that principle. It is not easy at all as I am rather mad about decorating. I see something that would like nice and I want to buy it straight away. Sometimes I can’t resist and I end up buying it anyway. Most of the time it ends up in my Hammersmith escorts boudoir and I suppose that is okay.


One of the girls here at Hammersmith escorts have bought a studio flat. I honestly don’t know how she is going to manage. We have been shopping for her and we have been able to make the most out of the space. One of the things that we bought was a big screen so that she can have her sleeping quarters separately. It does really like nice if I am to be honest. The biggest blessing is that the apartment has a separate kitchen. It is small but it looks really nice. Once we added some mirrors and stuff like that, the little studio flat did feel bigger.


My apartment has two bedrooms. I really do need to when my sister comes to visit from Poland and I work from my spare bedroom as well. When I am not busy escorting, I am an Internet marketer so I do need work space. Yes, Hammersmith escorts do keep my busy but I like the fact that I can just do something else as well. Like I tell my friends here at Hammersmith escorts, it can help to keep the little grey cells stimulated.These lovely escorts are very sexy.


I try to buy things of quality. At the moment the place looks rather now. One of the blessings is the balcony. I have been over to IKEA and bought stuff so that I can sit outside. I am also mad on houseplants and I have plants both indoors and on the balcony. It does look rather chic at the moment, and I love sitting outside with my friends. The weather is not always great but just to be able to have an outside space is a real luxury. A lot of the girls here at Hammersmith escorts with their own places do not have that, and they can really understand that I appreciate my little outside space. It is packed with plants and it does really feel a bit like my own garden of Eden.

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