Soho escorts on sex education

Many well educated Soho escorts like believe that sex education in schools is lacking in many ways. We are still teaching children about sex in a very archaic way, and this really needs to be addressed.

Soho escorts and adult entertainment industry workers point out that many children still leave school today with very poor sexual awareness. They may know how you get pregnant when you have sex but in general Soho escorts think that understanding of certain topics are poor.

Dealing with Sex Education

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Many Soho escorts are mothers as well and do have children who are receiving sex education in schools. Soho escorts are often surprised as to the way issues like contraception are approached, and many of them remark that very little class room time is spent dealing with contraception.

Unwanted pregnancies in young people are still very common, and Soho escorts think that this is a topic educators should take onboard and deal with a bit better.

Homosexuality is another issue which is seldom talked about during sex education classes, and Soho escorts fail to understand why this is such a taboo subject. Once outside the school information about homosexuality is freely available, and many children are exposed to homosexuality in other ways.

They may have family members who are homosexual or they may access information about homosexuality on the internet.

Be Honest

When it comes to sex education it is better to be honest, and tell children that there are many different types of relationships. Some men prefer being with other men, ladies may prefer other ladies instead and some people are bisexual.

Soho escorts feel that if we were more honest and allowed the topic of sexual preferences to be taught in school, many children would be less judgmental about other issues as well. Children are after all taught about different religions in school, so why should they not be taught about different types of sexuality as well.

They don’t always ask

Children used ask their parents a lot more question but now it appears that Mr and Mrs Doe have taken over a lot of parenting. Younger members of our society are much more likely to try to look something up on the internet than asking their parents.

This is also a concern as many parents are out of touch with children lives, and don’t appreciate what their children have learned surfing the net.

Internet safety is an issue as well. A child may in all innocence type in the world homosexuality, but most Soho escorts know that the search results are not always what you expect. This is a bit of a high risk situation, and children may come across something which is not suitable.

The problem comes when children don’t talk to their parents about what they have found, and from there the problem can escalate.

Schools should educate about many other things than they do today. Educational specialists must be made to realize that children are thanks to the internet, exposed to much more information than ever before. Unfortunately, a lot of what children find on the internet is never talked about.

It is about time that our educational values are reviewed to reflect modern life, and the way we find and deal with information in our society.

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