What the Girls at Victoria escorts Think About escorting

Of course, there are some down sides to escorting, says Sue from Victoria escorts https://charlotteaction.org/victoria-escorts. However, before I joined the agency, I used to work in an office in central London. It was okay, but I hated the fact that almost everyday was the same. At least with escorting, you get to have different experiences and meet different people. I can honestly say that I have not had a boring day since I joined the agency here in Victoria. Something new happens everyday and you have to meet new challenges. I do enjoy the variety in the work.


Victoria escorts
Victoria escorts

Most of the girls here at Victoria escorts find the evening or night shift hard to cope with when they have to do it. The problem is that it can either be really busy or really slow. When it is really slow, it is a complete nightmare and you have to try to stay awake. Sometimes I just sit down and have a little sleep. When I wake up, I look like I have been through the mill, and I really need to do my beauty routine again. It can be tough when a gents wants to see you quickly, and you have to get ready fast.


Another thing that i dislike about working as an escort at Victoria escorts that we are obliged to wear stilettos all of the time. I keep telling the boss that not all gents find stilettos sexy and I have some shorter gents who always asks me to take them off. I suppose it is not very nice having to talk to a girl with very high heels when you are short. Also, to be honest, stilettos really make my feet hurt, I have a rather flat foot and that is not ideal when you need to wear stilettos. It feels like you are going to fall forward all of the time.


Gents who drink before a date is also one of the downsides. Fortunately, it is not a very common problem here at Victoria escorts. Most of the gents that we date at the agency are proper gents and would not dream of turning up at a date drunk. When I worked in North London, it used to happen a lot, but here in Victoria it does not happen a lot. When it does happen, I just give the switchboard a call and tell them I had to refuse a gent. They are okay about that. And it is really bad manners to turn up drunk to a date.


Overall, Victoria escorts is one of the better agencies that I worked for in London. The boss is very nice and he does like to look after us girls. Like he says, without us he would not have a business. I know that it sounds a bit cliche but I cannot not say any fairer than that. It is nice to hear it anyway, and I think that he really likes his girls at the agency. He says that he will not employ a girl unless he personally likes her. I think that isĀ  good thing and many of the girls here think that he is a really nice guy. To be honest, I think that I am a little bit on love with him and I have to admit that he does turn me when he looks at me in a certain way.


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